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Product code     FTKU 2000
Volume     2000 lt
Diameter     150 cm
Width     150 cm
Height     185 cm
Cover Diameter     40 cm

2000 Lt Polyethylene Square Warehouse Features

  • Food compliance is certified.
  • It has a flexible structure due to its low density.
  • It is not affected by sunlight. UV additive.
  • No taste, odor change occurs.
  • Hygienic, does not contain carcinogenic substances.
  • It does not react with chemicals and has excellent chemical durability.
  • It is economical and long lasting.
  • The monoblock is a single piece and does not have weld, rivet, spot, solder joint.
  • Because it is nonporous and resistant to absorption, it does not hold algae, fungus and mildew do not occur.
  • It does not rot, it does not crack, it does not tilt, it does not break down and it does not deteriorate.
  • It is resistant to bumps.
  • Corrosive materials are resistant to oil and petroleum, pests, sea salt and other environmental factors.

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2000 LT Polyethylene Sphere Water Reservoir

  • Brand: fitdepo
  • Product Code: FTKU2000
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 1,384.00USD

  • Ex Tax: 1,384.00USD