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Product code     FT 2000
Volume     2000 lt
Diameter     132 cm
Height     155 cm
Cover Diameter     40 cm

2000 Lt Properties of Polyethylene Vertical Warehouse

  • Food compliance is certified.
  • It has a flexible structure due to its low density.
  • It is not affected by sunlight. UV additive.
  • No taste, odor change occurs.
  • Hygienic, does not contain carcinogenic substances.
  • It does not react with chemicals and has excellent chemical durability.
  • It is economical and long lasting.
  • The monoblock is a single piece and does not have weld, rivet, spot, solder joint.
  • Because it is nonporous and resistant to absorption, it does not hold algae, fungus and mildew do not occur.
  • It does not rot, it does not crack, it does not tilt, it does not break down and it does not deteriorate.
  • It is resistant to bumps.
  • Corrosive materials are resistant to oil and petroleum, pests, sea salt and other environmental factors.

Polyethylene Warehouse Technical Specifications

    Raw Material: Suitable for food storage, U.V. stabilized, recyclable, low - medium - high density Linear Polyethylene (LLDPE)
    Color: Natural white, opaque white, blue, double color (white inside - blue outside)
    Durability: Resistant to sunlight and impacts.
    Structure: There is no mono block, weld and rivet.
    Dimension Tolerance: ± 3%
    Type: Four corners horizontal, Cylinder horizontal, Upright cylindrical.
    Volume: 40 LT - 25.000 LT
    Purpose of Use: Drinking water, clean water storage, food storage, oil-diesel storage, chemical storage, waste water storage and dosing…
    Certificates: TSEK quality certificate, Ministry of Health Approval Certificate, Domestic Goods Certificate
    Compatibility with Chemicals: It can be used as diesel fuel - petrol tank with 30% raw material increase, transportation tank with 40% raw material increase, and acid tank with ± 50% raw material increase.
    Maintenance: It is odorless and hygienic. Easy to clean with water. It should be cleaned at least 6 months - 1 year.
    Operating Temperature: -5 C ° - / + 65C °
    Warranty: 2-year warranty against production faults, customer-related problems, technical service assistance.

    Water tanks up to 6 apartments (including the 6th circle) are 2 tons. After 6 flats, 500 liters are increased for each flats.
    It is obligatory to build at least 15 tons of water tank in buildings such as office buildings, offices, bazaars, passages, and hotels.
    Daily Average Water Consumption

Cleaning Our Plastic Warehouses

Most of us primarily focus on the purification of the water we drink or use for cooking. However, we rarely pay attention to the cleanliness of the water tank where water is stored. We use the water flowing from the fountains daily for cleaning and sweeping, washing clothes and other household chores. As time goes on, sediments, scales and algae settle on the walls, ceilings and floors of the water tank. This precipitation causes water to become dirty and unsuitable for use. Over time, algae and bacteria grow and grow in this water and eventually make us sick. This simply means that our ignorance can cause a problem on the health of the family.
Plastic water tank cleaning is very necessary and should be done at least once a year. Ensuring that the water accumulated in the water tanks maintains its cleanliness for a long time depends on the quality of the water entering the house. If the pH of the water is too hard and high, sedimentation happens more often. In such cases, more than one year of water tank cleaning is required.

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2000 LT Polyethylene Vertical Water Depot

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